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Projected Images Competition No.2 (5 December 2017)

Judged by Simon Green (Consett)

"Earl of Zetland" by Peter Reynolds

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"Ducky Parade" by Kathleen James

"Monte Carlo" by Bill Maxwell

"Poolside View" by Joyce Tunnard

"Lloyds Reflections" by Alan Watson

"Getting the Message" by Stuart Skelsey

"The Over Sixties" by Joan Pearson

"Reflected in the Flow" by Alan Porrett

"Novotel Reflections" by Stuart Skelsey

"Gherkin Reflections" by David Parkinson

"Which way is Up?" by Michael Hudson

"Brothers Water" by Andrew Nicoll

Highly Commended

"Should we take the Bentley or the Campers" by Michael Hudson

"Bonnet Reflections" by Alan Porrett

"Take a Bow" by Bill Maxwell

"Floating on Clouds" by Les Smith

2017-2018 Season